KI PRIME II | Instructor: Elder Reginald Kee



COURSE DESCRIPTION:  “The Kingdom at a Glance”

Now that you have a better understanding of how to navigate the Book behind your faith, do you find yourself wondering:  “What’s that have to do with my salvation?”  How would you defend your faith in such a way that explains why you believe what you believe?  These are great questions which the next level of KI PRIME  explores!

In yet another dynamic eight-week course, you will also learn how to have a more purposeful prayer life:  one where you speak to the Father and He actually answers back in real time!  One where you will actually BELIEVE ONLY regarding how to speak to a mountain and have it move as Jesus instructed.  If that sounds like a new way of Christian living that you want to be a part of, simply click the link below to continue your walk as a disciple of Christ!

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