KI PRIME I | Instructor: Elder Reginald Kee


Have you ever wondered what the overall story of the Bible is all about? Have you ever thought that there was more to the Bible than what meets the eye? Are you someone who questions the “truths” of what you’ve been taught because it doesn’t always seem to add up?  If you’ve ever pondered any of these questions and never received a satisfactory answer, then this course is for you!

Throughout this eight-week crash course, you will learn more effective techniques to Bible study that will increase your ability to have God’s Word reveal its mysteries to you by faith!  These techniques will allow you to confidently explore questions such as:

–  Does the Bible REALLY say that women ought to be silent in church?  If so, why?!!

–  Is suicide REALLY the ONE unforgivable sin?

–  Is it REALLY possible to lose your salvation?

Trust and believe ONLY – this class will change your Kingdom understanding and life forever!

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