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The Kingdom Institute (KI) is the teaching, equipping, and training school of The Kingdom Advancement Center. Its commission is to identify, empower, and send out leaders to advance the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ the Lord.

The Kingdom Institute is a teaching and training ministry commissioned to build, develop and equip leaders to advance the Kingdom of God. The KI consists of multiple 16-week courses that teach and activate students in the areas of Prayer and Bible Study, Understanding Spiritual Gifts, Healing and Deliverance, Prophecy, Executive Leadership, Strategic Management and many other topics. These courses are held on a rolling weekly schedule, allowing enrollment at any time. The Kingdom Institute is also the Ministry License, Ordination, & Certification arm of the Kingdom Advancement Center.

Currently the Kingdom Institute @ the KAC meets regularly at 7pm every Monday evening for Bible Class. We also offer dinner for all students at 6:30pm.

Class Descriptions


Have you ever wondered what the overall story of the bible is all about? Have you ever thought that there was more to the bible than what meets the eye? Are you someone who questions the “truths” of what you’ve been taught because it doesn’t seem to add up?  If you have ever pondered any of these questions and never received a satisfactory answer, then this course is for you! Throughout this course you will learn the fundamental components and importance of salvation, prayer, bible study, and faith. You will also get a thorough overview of the “Kingdom of God” and its dynamic system. Finally, you will learn about spiritual gifts and get the opportunity to exercise them. This class will change your Kingdom understanding and your life!


Deliverance 101 defines deliverance and why it is necessary for the regeneration of the soul for the believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The student will learn how to operate in the Holy Spirit’s gift of discerning of spirits and the necessary tools to cast out unclean spirits. Deliverance is a life long process and this course will also help to identify the intrinsic battles, your opponent with its influences, and aid in achieving the spiritual freedom afforded by the passion of the Christ. This course is designed to prepare the student for Deliverance Ministry.


Kingdom Foundations 150 is the second level course in our foundations series. It is especially built to help you explore The Kingdom of God that is within you through developing and exercising your Spiritual Gifts. Throughout this course you will learn the fundamental components of the Kingdom while gaining the tools you need for Faith, Prophecy and Tongues, and the 9 Gifts of the Spirit. Prerequisite: KF 100


This advanced level course takes the student deeper into the subjects outlined in Kingdom Foundations 100 and 150.  The student is taught many different biblical topics including but not limited to Advanced Bible Study (Greek and Hebrew studies), Sowing and Reaping, Faith vs. Fear (Unbelief), the benefits of Praying in the Spirit, The Healing and Communion Connection and much more. Further, you will be trained and positioned to exercise all that you have been taught in preparation for the “Apostolic Go” into ministry. Prerequisite: KF 150


Kingdom Purpose 250 is the final course in our basic discipleship training. It is designed to help each student identify their unique purpose and calling in the Body of Christ. Included in this course is a study of The Purpose Driven Life, a Spiritual Gifts Assessment, Personal Prophecy Mapping, Leadership Assessment, and a final Vision Board. Prerequisite: KF 200


Teaching Foundations 300 is the beginning of the Seminar and Practicum Series needed to prepare leadership candidates to teach the Body of Christ in and outside of the Church Walls. This course builds on the foundation laid in Kingdom Foundations 100 and is focused primarily on guiding the student on how to teach the principles of the Kingdom of God to others. This course also meets a requirement for Eldership in the local church. Prerequisite: KP 250


Evangelism Foundations 300 is designed to release laborers for the harvest to save souls for Jesus Christ. This course is designed to explore the foundational elements of Salvation & Eternal Life, How to Evangelize, Power Evangelism, The Office of Evangelist, Apologetics, and Church Mobilization. The goal of this course is to equip every saint with the anointing to Evangelize, to save souls for Christ, and to serve as a launching pad to those called to the Office of Evangelist. Prerequisite: KP 250


Kingdom Eschatology 350 (KE350) is a study of End-Time Prophecy centered around the New Testament Book of Revelation. The goal is to understand the relevance of End Time Prophecy and apply it to the present-day mission of the Church. The student will understand biblical principles such as Mark of the Beast, The Last Days, The 7 Seals, the 144 Thousand, The Kingdom Age, the Tribulation Period, the Spirit of the Anti Christ, and the Return of Christ before leaving this course. Prerequisite: KP 250 or TF 300


Healing and Deliverance (HD350) is for those disciples that would like to learn how to operate in the Power gifts given by the Holy Spirit. This class will cover topics such as the Power of the Holy Spirit, the Office of Healing & Miracles, Prayer & Fasting, Angels & Demons, Deliverance, & Healing Teams. Prerequisite: KP 250


Leadership & Business (LB400 Series) is for those business professionals that desire to ascend to the top of the Business Mountain. These courses merge Kingdom Foundations with the fundamentals of business: Leadership, Project Management, Financial Statements, Strategic Management, Organizational Development, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Emotional Intelligence and Executive Presence. The goal of these courses are to equip students with only the concepts of business necessary to translate concept into practical management processes. Prerequisite: KP 250


Ministers-In-Training (MIT400) is a continuation of the Seminar and Practicum Series needed to prepare ministerial candidates for works of service. This course builds on the foundation laid in Teaching Foundation 300 and is focused primarily on training ministerial candidates to preach and teach the principles of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. This course meets the requirement for Licensure into the Ministry and also meets a requirement for Eldership in the local church. Prerequisite: TF 300


Ministers-In-Training (MIT450) is for Licensed Ministers ready for the 4-Fold Ordination process. This course builds on the foundation laid in MIT400 and is focused primarily on educating ministers in church history, church ordinances, marriage counseling, discerning the coming moves of God, homiletics, and advanced hermeneutics. This course meets the requirement for Ordination into the Ministry. Prerequisite: MIT 400


“The Kingdom at a Glance”

Now that you have a better understanding of how to navigate the Book behind your faith, do you find yourself wondering:  “What’s that have to do with my salvation?”  How would you defend your faith in such a way that explains why you believe what you believe?  These are great questions which the next level of KI PRIME  explores!

In yet another dynamic eight-week course, you will also learn how to have a more purposeful prayer life:  one where you speak to the Father and He actually answers back in real time!  One where you will actually BELIEVE ONLY regarding how to speak to a mountain and have it move as Jesus instructed.  If that sounds like a new way of Christian living that you want to be a part of, simply click the link below to continue your walk as a disciple of Christ!

KI Global Resource Downloads and Applications

If you need more information about registration or a specific course or certification program, we would love to talk to you. Please e-mail us and one of our faculty members will personally respond to you in a timely manner.